I grew up in Wimbledon, and after studying French and German at uni, and working in a German brewery, and teaching English in Cologne, and driving a double-decker in London – I know, odd career path – I took off and was lucky enough to spend the next 25 years in California.

I managed to drive across the US many times. I back-packed in the Sierras, played in a band, was an inn-keeper, a barn-builder, a cook, a gardener, and I drove a tour-bus in San Francisco for a while.

I came back to England to look after my parents in London for a number of years, and now I live with my family in the New Forest.

I’ve had a camera since I was a teenager, and I’ve been documenting my family, my friends and people I’ve met ever since. I guess the thing I’m fascinated by, is the ability of a single image, taken at the right moment, to capture so much.

And of course a wedding especially, is an occasion that is just brimming over with emotion from start to finish . . for the couple, for their family, for their friends.

It’s all about timing, and staying tuned to what is going on between people. The glances, the hugs, the expectation, the tears, the joy !  It’s really what I live for at a wedding – those real connections between people – and what draws me to telling the story of the day, rather than trying to pose people.

Naturally, every couple also wants to have some beautiful shots with their family and their friends, dressed in their finest.  And then finally, just the two of them together, sharing some quiet moments, before rejoining the craziness.

And when you’re ready for that quick break and a little alone time together . . . with your blessing I’ll sensitively record those moments when you’re both giddily realising the amazingness of the day. And if you want to be creative – with your ideas, with my ideas – we’ll have fun !!