Doesn’t it feel good when you finally manage to capture a great pic of your gorgeous boy or girl on your phone. Tricky though . . they don’t always stay still for long.

I’ve had years of photographing my own dogs and those of friends. And fortunately these days, I have a fast enough camera that I can snap those magic moments in a split second . . and even have them in focus . . . (always a plus !!)

I have a PhD in Dog Psychology  –  no, not really  –  but I do understand dogs pretty well, (and love them loads).  And most of the time, I can often get them to do (kinda, roughly, maybe) what I want, for a good photo that totally captures their spirit and true character !

And what better way to show off their wonderful little quirks, than with a beautiful canvas print.

Their funny little expressions, the excited glint in their eyes, their ears sticking up in the wind . . . can all be treasured in a gorgeous physical print that you’ll keep forever.

I need an hour or two of your time, at you and your companion’s favourite place. It’s always nice to have a bit of background . . . so at the beach, in the park, running along the cliff-top is good.

Dogs are often at their “perkiest” in the fresh air, but if you want, we can always capture some quieter, more contemplative moments closer to home .

I charge only for my photographic and editing work, which means you get prints and canvases at cost price, (plus £5 admin costs). Or if you prefer, you can take care of ordering prints yourself.

In any case, you end up with a set of hi-res, fully edited digital images from the day.

Up to a 2 hour photo session is £125