Hi ! . . I’m Laurence and I’m a wedding photographer based in the New Forest, Hampshire.

My passion is natural, documentary photography with an artful approach. My aim is to perfectly capture your wedding day, for you to look back on for the rest of your lives . . . and to make you feel like it happened yesterday.

You’ll want some formals too of course, but my main focus throughout the day will be on all those connections between the two of you, and between you, your family and your friends. It’s essentially about telling the story of your day as it happens, as you envisaged it, without intruding or interfering with the natural flow of events.

I want each image to speak volumes . . . to reveal the raw emotion of what is probably the biggest day of your lives so far. What I tune into, are the connections between people, the glances, the heart-felt expressions . . . . those real moments that are honest, spontaneous and real.

Even in the simplest of scenes, those little glances and gestures mean everything . . . .

One of the nicest things people say about my photos, is that they have an off-guard intimacy about them. The most important thing for me, is for you to be comfortable !  So the last thing I’ll ask you to do on your wedding day is pose. I want you to have FUN . .  and I want it to feel real !

It’s important for you to be at ease with your photographer, whoever they are.  So to that end, please get in touch if you think you like the look of my style and approach.

As for the day itself, I can be there for as long (or as little) as you want me . . and you’ll end up with as many hi-res, edited, digital images as you want. I usually manage to get some shots to you within a day or two, and the remainder within a few weeks.

It’s a really good idea to consider a physical wedding album. Who knows where all our digital images will end up, or even if our devices will be able to read them in the future ? With an album, you instantly have a precious, physical item to be kept safely, and treasured for the future.

There are many options for creating, inexpensive, DIY photobooks online, but also extra options available to professional photographers, for more luxurious items with superior printing and bindings that truly give a unique, hand-made finish to an album.